ODS – Office Design Studio provides superior products at the best value overall.  ODS understands the consumers many needs when designing and selecting their office furniture. ODS offers a wide variety of products from classic workstation systems to modern benching. Conference, private office and height adjustable tables round out a complete offering of furniture to meet your needs.



Direct from Spain, a design-driven outdoor line focused on modernizing fiber-woven natural products into an attractive, sophisticated seating collection. This 100-year-old organization offers an array of beautiful pieces that are the result of experienced, knowledgeable artists incorporating their ethnicity, creativity and originality into POINT’s internationally recognized furniture collection.



California Chair’s inspiration comes from the heart of California. Our motto is to create seating like no other, combining the best of both worlds: unique sustainable design and great value.


Room B is a manufacturer of modern outside the box solutions for collaboration, lounges areas, and the rest of your office…



We created SmartBox as an affordable, well designed, and easy to assemble solution to the need for quiet private spaces. Constructed using the highest quality sustainable materials and completely customizable to fit into any workplace, SmartBox is a fully-equipped quiet workspace at a surprisingly affordable price.


Interior & exterior architectural glazing systems

See the QuickKISS Glass Boards

Before I started working with Bill Hebebrand, we were competitors. And, a formidable competitor he proved to be! Once Bill and I started working together, Bill helped me realize it was easier to be on his team than opposing him, so I had to rethink my selling strategy and go out and tell the new story. Now, as team members, we have formed a great partnership ensuring each other’s success.
Roger Swift , Source Creative Office Interiors
Our long term association and relationship with Bill has consistently been beneficial to our organization. At every turn he evidences the various skills, attitudes and behaviors that enable and advance our effectiveness. Bill ‘s expertise equips him to help us formulation strategies that solve customer requirements. Bill is available and responsive personally and with the resources, like showroom and others, he makes available. Bill manages his marketplace with candor and directness while being customer centered in every case. We value Bill and look forward to many more successful years as a partner.
Dirk Manning, Tangram Interiors
Bill Hebebrand is an excellent manufacturer rep/partner and has proven to be quite beneficial for our business growth. He is timely with his response to our calls and emails — we know that if we call Bill, we will hear back from him within the same day – and in many cases within the same hour! He has unparalleled knowledge about his product lines and doesn’t hesitate to assist us with brainstorming on just the right application to meet our individual client’s needs.
Kevin Jones , Total Corporate Solutions
My relationship with Bill Hebebrand began when I was working for another dealer and went out on my own with a limited budget. I asked Bill if he could help with a mock-up/floor sample. Friant doesn’t provide free floor samples so Bill put on his thinking cap and came back to me with a solution. Bill had another dealer with a mock-up that he was getting rid of and that I could have for free! For a start-up company, it meant a lot to receive this free product. This was the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Bill has proven to be a great partner in continuing to help us grow our business throughout the years.
Kenny Truong, 2010 Office Furniture
I have been working with Office Furniture Partners for three years now and will tell you that they have performed incredibly. This means a lot to us to partner with companies that take as much pride as we do in there customer service and products. Every member of the team is very skilled and service oriented. Thank you for making us look great.
W. Michael Radcliffe, Seal Office Furniture
I called Bill Hebebrand in 2009 looking for quality, value oriented solutions. I had been referred to Bill by another manufacturer’s rep. There was a large opportunity with an existing client and we didn’t have a solution. Bill was quick to respond and, due to his efforts, we won that first large opportunity. He fulfilled flawlessly then and he has continued that type of service since day one.
We rely on Bill for general industry information as well as specific product information. He is available to help win large and small opportunities and is quick to help resolve any issue after the installation is complete. He and his team are quick to respond, it is rare not the hear from them within an hour or two. He has helped us grow our top and bottom lines by providing unique, customer appropriate solutions. OFP is a truly valued partner that we look forward to growing with.
David Coffey, Crosley Resource Group